Tips to help you get over any first interracial date nerves

If your dating life consists of dating people who are of the same race as you, dating someone from a different race is uncharted territory. There will be so many questions in your head because you don’t know what the experience is like or will be like. For some people, dating outside the team is straightforward and takes it as a duck does to water but for those who want to try interracial dating for the first time and are nervous about it, below are a few tips that will help calm the nerves.

mixed couple

1. Don’t make things complicated

Going on an interracial date for the first time can make you nervous because you are uncertain but you can make things easy for yourself by not overcomplicating things. Keep things simple and short by opting to meet your date at a central location for a cup of coffee to see how you get along. If you have fantastic chemistry with the person, you can extend the date for a longer period than planned.

2. Don’t stress

Feeling anxious is normal on a first interracial date but it can be fun as long as you eliminate any kind of stress. Showing up stress can make your date very uncomfortable and make them feel uneasy like they are doing something wrong. The key is to relax and sit at an angle instead of facing your date directly. This puts you at ease because you both can focus your eyes on other things like people watching if you are shy about making eye contact.

3. Know the topics you will talk about

Although a first date is not the same as a job interview, it helps to be prepared. Prepare a few first date questions as well as some answers to keep your date engaged. Don’t overdo it and make your date feel like they are in an actual job interview because this will put them off and they wouldn’t want to see you again. Ask about their family background, their hobbies, what music and films they like, what job they do, their hopes and dreams, and more.

4. Listen to your date

As humans, we love talking about ourselves but don’t immediately assume that your date will find you as interesting as you find yourself. If you go ahead and make the date all about you, you will make your date regret even giving you the time of day. The goal here is to listen attentively and respond when you have to with a follow-up question. For example “Oh really, you spent 5 years in Dubai, did you enjoy your time there?”

5. Be yourself

The best thing you can do when out on your first interracial date is to be true to yourself. It is no secret that dating over the last 10 years has become very competitive. We live in a world where everyone is eager to impress to win the affection of the opposite sex.

This eagerness to impress makes people adopt a persona that is the total opposite of what they are. This is risky especially if your date eventually finds out you are lying about who you are, but dating shouldn’t be a competition, it is about meeting someone that you care about and connect with. You will do this if you let your authenticity shine by being true to yourself.

6. A good first impression is very important

There are many important things to consider when out on a date and a good first impression is one of them. You only have a few seconds to make a good first impression based on your demeanor and appearance.

You have to make it count and the best way to do so is to greet your date with a smile. This act alone makes you come across as likable and displays a sign of joy or happiness to your date. You will ooze a positive vibe and of course, you have to dress to impress. Dress for the occasion and don’t turn up for your date in the wrong outfit because this will put off your date.

7. Be confident

Everyone loves being around people who are very important and on a first date, body language is very important and says a lot about your personality. There are people out there who suffer from a lack of confidence because of some of the experiences they have been through in the past.

Getting your confidence back after it has been shattered to pieces is not easy and might take time but if you have landed a date, there is something you can do. Before leaving your place to meet your date, stand in front of the mirror and practice some poses so you know which angels make you look good. This will make you super confident because you will know how to sit or pose for a picture if asked for one to make you look fabulous.

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