Interracial Match Reviews 2022

interracialmatch is a dating website specifically designed for people who are interested in interracial dating. Like other dating sites, interracial match allows users of the site to find matches based on a variety of personal preferences and other filters. Let’s take a closer look at the features and other specifics of to see how it ranks overall as a dating site.
Profiles & Matching 5 star
Active Users 5 star
Layout and Usability 4 star
Messaging System 5 star
White glove customer service 5 star

Sign-up Process

Signing up for Interracial Match is fairly quick and easy. You create a username, choose a password, pick an email to use with your account for registration purposes, and pick a membership tier–then you’re all set! You can even use your Facebook Account to sign up if you want the process to go even faster. Once your account is registered, you can create a profile by uploading up to 26 photos and inputting various personal details for other users to see.

Features has many notable features. These features include the ability to upload personal videos to the website for other users to see; participate on active discussion forums; browse profiles for potential matches; create blog posts; and comment on other user’s profiles, videos and blog posts. The website also offers a new “Let’s Meat” feature, which allows you to match specifically with locals who are interested in meeting other people from the site. offers two membership tiers: a basic account, which is free but has limited access to the website; and a paid membership, which will give you full access to the website.

Pros and Cons


  • The website is user-friendly and is designed to operate in a manner similar to social media sites, especially Facebook.
  • Very large and active user base due to the site’s age and popularity.
  • Multiple modes of interaction, including the ability to create videos and blogs.
  • Forum discussion for increased interactivity.
  • Ability to restrict access to photos to certain users or groups.


  • Membership is expensive when compared to other dating sites.
  • Profiles look outdated when compared to the rest of the site.
  • Can only upload 26 photos.


Profiles on can only be viewed by members, including paid members and free basic account members. All profiles include your real name that you used to sign up. However, users do have the option of making their photos private to select users that they have favorited or even to select groups, such as men only, women only, or couples only.

Ease of Use

Overall, is a fairly easy website to use. The general interface is designed similar to Facebook, so anyone with a basic knowledge of social media sites should be able to easily understand how to navigate and use the website. It is also mobile friendly, so you can access it and use it with ease on both computers as well as mobile devices such as tablets or smart phones.

The one notable area of the website that is notoriously difficult is the profile editing and profile creation section of the website. The website’s profile creation and editing form is quite clunky and slow, and it can take some time to create a profile initially. However, once you get over this slump, the rest of the website is very easy to use and understand.

Subscription Prices

Duration Price per Month Save*
6 months $19.95 %60
3 months $24.95 50%
1 month $39.95 20%

Benefits of the upgrade:

  • Upgrade and improve your chances by 500%.
  • Full mobile access.
  • Be viewed and contacted 20+ times more than standard members.
  • 24/7 phone service.
  • 30+ more benefits only for gold members.

Editor’s Verdict is the most active interracial dating website currently available today. It has a very large and active user base, is fairly easy to use with the exception of the slow initial profile creation, and offers basic features that are available on most interracial dating sites. Although it does not currently offer an instant messaging system, most users shouldn’t have a problem using the email system as well as the commenting system as a replacement. The website’s large user base ensures that you’ll have no time finding potential matches without any trouble.

Overall, if you are looking for an interracial dating site that is active and easy to use, you should definitely give a chance.

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